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Our Story

In 2005 a small group of families from Barrington Baptist Church desired to branch out in the East Bay area of Rhode Island in order to plant a new church. Their aim was to raise up a church that would be faithful to the Word of God and clear on the Gospel, while also being intelligible to the unchurched and sensitive to the de-churched.

These families formed together as Godspeed Church and began meeting in an elementary school in Seekonk in 2006. Under the leadership of Tim Zulker, the church grew into a vibrant gospel-centered community that was marked by evangelism and service in the community. 

In 2017, after more than a decade in the elementary school, Godspeed moved to the Haven United Methodist Church building in central East Providence.


As a spiritual family of ambassadors for Christ, Godspeed Church exists to form disciples of Jesus Christ who treasure and obey Christ in East Providence and beyond.


At Godspeed Church, we want to base our beliefs, our practices, and our priorities around the Bible. In light of this, we hope and pray the culture and ministry of Godspeed Church will be defined by these biblical priorities: 

Clear Gospel

The only message of lasting significance and eternal good is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We want the gospel to be faithfully and clearly communicated in our gatherings and upon the lips and in the lives of every member.

Robust Worship

We treasure Christ together through gathering in his name to hear his Word and respond to His Word & worth. As we go out from corporate worship, we want our individual lives to demonstrate that Christ is our greatest treasure. 

Biblical Preaching

We believe that God changes us through his Word. Therefore, the church is nourished into spiritual health and guarded from spiritual danger through the faithful preaching of God’s Word. 

Bold Prayer

To cultivate our dependence upon God and reject our own self-sufficiency, we come together to ask God to act on our behalf in our church and in the world. Individually, we commit to praying for our church, our city, and the world.

Deep Discipling

In order to “present everyone mature in Christ” (Colossians 1:28), we intentionally disciple––teach, encourage, admonish––one another around the Word of God. We never want to be a church where our members can be anonymous.  On the contrary, we believe the Bible teaches us that we as Christians are to be deeply involved in each others' lives. 

Constant Evangelism

As ambassadors of Christ, we exist to display the fruit of the gospel in our lives and declare the message of the gospel with our lips. This is the mission for each and every member of our church. 

Regular Hospitality

As children of God who have been invited into the generosity and warm embrace  of Christ, we extend generosity and kindness to others as we embrace them. While this attitude begins with the family of Christ, it extends to strangers and outsiders as well. “While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 

Sacrificial Service

God’s Word warns us: If we say we “love God” but turn away from a brother in need, our actions demonstrate that the love of God is not in us. We demonstrate our love for God by tangibly loving his body.