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Recommended Podcasts:

Gospelbound: Each Week Collin Hansen, from The Gospel Coalition, talks with insightful guests about books, ideas, and how to navigate life by the gospel of Jesus Christ in a post-Christian culture.

Priscilla Talk: A 9Marks podcast aimed at helping women thrive in the local church. 

Let’s Talk:  A podcast for women from The Gospel Coalition Podcast Network. Jackie Hill Perry, Melissa Kruger, and Jasmine Holmes talk about different topics and how to apply biblical wisdom to everyday life.

Pastors Talk: A podcast featuring conversations Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman about matters of practical Christian living and church life. This podcast is aimed at church leaders, but is also helpful for all church members.

As In Heaven: From the  TGC Podcast Network, “As In Heaven” seeks to glean insights from a wide variety of people doing strategic gospel work in their cities and communities.

Bible Talk: A 9Marks podcast featuring conversations about the Bible and Biblical Theology.

Recommended Websites


The Gospel Coalition: find articles, sermons, lectures, interviews, and short videos on a range of subjects on Christian theology and life.

Desiring God: find articles, sermons, and interviews on a range of Christian topics from the ministry begun by John Piper.


The Bible Project: discover creative videos that summarize each book of the Bible as well as important themes that unite the whole Bible.


9Marks: discover written resources and free online classes about what the church is and how to grow and live as a church member.


CCEF (Christian Counseling & Education Foundation): although this website is primarily aimed at Christian counselors, you will find helpful resources on almost any issue in the Christian life.

Apologetics & Culture

Bethinking.org (in partnership with Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship): find videos, articles, and lectures on defending the Christian faith and explaining the Christian worldview.


Send International: discover unreached people groups around the world and pray for mission work and missionaries and additional resources on missions.

Reaching & Teaching: a resource for international short term and long term mission opportunities that focuses on training indigenous leaders to plant and shepherd healthy churches. 


Shepherding the Heart: find videos and articles on all stages of parenting from a biblical perspective.