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“The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve.” (Mark 10:45)

One of our core values at Godspeed is being a church committed to sacrificial service. This begins with our own church body and moves outward. There are several “service teams” we encourage you to get involved with, but more than anything, we encourage all our members to be committed to hospitality. 

Service for All

We don’t have a “hospitality” team at Godspeed. The reason for that is we want each and every member to be intentionally seeking to show hospitality within the church body. As you get connected to more and more people through Sunday morning prayer times, home groups, church emails, you’ll find many ways to serve this body in organic and meaningful ways. Here are some ways you’ll see people serving the body here at Godspeed. Offering someone a ride, Baby-sitting, making a meal, helping someone with a house project, visiting someone in the hospital.

Children’s Ministry Team

To run children's ministry on any given Sunday we need a minimum of seven volunteers. This is a great way to serve the parents and the children. It’s also a great place to practice evangelism! Here are some of the roles we are looking to fill:

  • Nursery Helpers
  • Kids’ Helpers
  • Teachers for Sprouts (ages 4-7) and Roots (ages 8-10)

Sunday Welcome Team & Set-Up team

The welcome team plays an important role in greeting newcomers and providing helpful information to them so they feel comfortable. The welcome team is “front door” and “first impression” people often get of Godspeed. They also help set-up and clean-up the cafe before and after the service. 

Each week, we set-up our church service from scratch. This requires 3-4 extra hands per week. These volunteers need to be reliable and able to lift about 20 pounds. 

Music, Audio, Visual Team

Please reach out to us if you have talent or experience with a musical instrument (especially piano, guitar, or drums) or singing. If you have any experience working with sound or if you are interested in AV, please let us know. 

Youth Group Volunteers

Our youth group meets bi-weekly on Friday evenings with Grace Harbor Church’s  youth group. If you have a passion for sharing the gospel and helping shape teenagers towards Christ, please volunteer for Youth Group.

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