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Youth Sunday School

Youth Sunday School, for middle and high school students (6th–12th grade), takes places upstairs from 10:00 to 10:50 on Sunday mornings, before the worship service. 

New City CatechismCurrent series

We are currently going through the New City Catechism produced by The Gospel Coalition and Redeemer Presbyterian Church. We are learning about the basics of the Christian faith and growing in our understanding of God, humanity, sin, and salvation. 

Past series

Luke Title Slide.001In one past series we studied selections from the Gospel of Luke. We looked carefully at the text and discussed what it has to say about who Jesus is and what it means to follow him, especially in the context of the personal, social, intellectual, and spiritual challenges we face as humans and particularly as young people. 

Firm Footing Slide.001Earlier, we went through a series that we called "Firm Footing". We took a careful and honest look at both intellectual challenges to the Christian faith and solid reasons to believe. Some of the topics for the series include the historicity of Jesus' resurrection; the reliability of the New Testament manuscript tradition; philosophy, physics, and the possibility of miracles; the nature of the gospels and the question of the historical Jesus; science, history, and Christianity; and more.