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Student Membership

Being a college student presents unique challenges to your involvement in a local church. College is a temporary kind of place and not seen as home, especially if you live more than an hour away. Second, you may have a great church at home already, which makes it hard to engage in the life of another church. Third, you aren't usually here all year. An academic schedule means you are in and out pretty often. And even when you are here, you're busy with lots of work. And finally, college can be a time of exploration, including checking out different churches. It’s easy to shop churches just like it is classes. 

But, in spite of these factors, we believe it's still a good thing to create a home base in a local church. Two reasons stand out:

  1. A local church offers a place for inter-generational worship and service. Unlike campus, our church is full of people who range from age one to seventy. 
  2. A local church can also provide you with a model for further church involvement and for when you graduate, in addition to the great growth opportunities on campus through your campus ministry. It's hard to duplicate a campus fellowship after you graduate. It will be essential to get involved in a local church then, and you can start learning how to do that well now.

With these reasons in mind, we’d like to be your church home away from home. 

We've created a student membership opportunity that allows you to be a student member here while still considering you home church to be your main church and your campus fellowship to be the place you spend most of your time with other Christians.

Being a student member involves two things:

  1. Agreeing to our Student Covenant (below)
  2. Agreeing to our Statement of Beliefs (here)

The student covenant is based on the belief that a healthy Christian actively worships God, serves the cause of Christ and puts him or herself in a place of genuine spiritual growth.  With that in mind, our Student Covenant reads:


As one who openly professes faith in Jesus Christ, I covenant to practice the following in the power of the Holy Spirit and with my Godspeed family:

To worship together with my church family during the weekly worship service, as often as I am able; 

To look for opportunities to serve my church family—even in small and occasional ways and;

To seek out a person or family in the church who can be a part of my spiritual growth and support while I am away from my home.


When you graduate or leave the area, we will consider that your covenant relationship with Godspeed has ended and encourage you to engage actively with another church for the sake of worship, service and growth.

We also ask that you read our Statement of Beliefs and agree to it as well. 


We hope you'll consider student membership at Godspeed while you are here. If you are interested or would like to learn more, please contact one of the elders.