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Lead Pastor Search 2019


Godspeed Church is a growing congregation seeking to reach the greater Providence area and the world with the gospel of Christ. We are a non-denominational, elder-led, multi-generational church with an average attendance of 135 people. We are seeking a full-time pastor of preaching and vision to lead and shepherd our people.

The Lead Pastor’s primary responsibility will be to love God’s people, through preaching and teaching the Word of God, in order to lead and equip them in sharing Christ’s love with the world. As part of the elder team, he will play an active leadership role in providing pastoral care and evangelistic outreach ministries in order to further the mission of Godspeed Church.

Projected start date: September 2019.

Application Process

Phase I – Initial Qualification

Phase I is designed to determine which applicants are the best match for the Job Description and Qualifications and align with our Statement of Beliefs and Membership Covenant. Applicants will be required to submit answers to the application and a résumé. (See below for details.)

Phase II – Review and Reference

Entrance into Phase II is by invitation only. Applicants will be asked to submit two sermons for review and the completed Phase II Questionnaire, including names of three specific references. Applicants will also be required to submit to a background check. We will send you the Phase II Questionnaire and background check form directly via email.

Phase III – Interview

Entrance into Phase III is by invitation only. Within 10 business days, applicants will be notified of their entrance (or not) into Phase III. Applicants will be interviewed by phone or video conference by the Selection Team.

Phase IV – Invitation and Exploration

Phase IV is designed to narrow down the selected applicants to one lead pastor candidate. The selected applicants will come for a weekend visit to Providence, RI and will interview with the Selection Team and the Elders. The focus will be on the core competencies that are critical for the new lead pastor to possess for the health and growth of Godspeed Church.  

Applicants will have an opportunity to tour the church and surrounding areas during their visit. Applicants may be asked to provide additional sermons and references before final selection. 

On Sunday of the weekend visit, the applicant will preach a sermon at Godspeed Church.

Entrance into Phase IV is by invitation only.

Phase V - Final Selection

Phase V is the final selection. Applicants will be notified within 5 business days if the job will be offered to him or not.


Phase I Instructions

To complete Phase I of the Application Process, please submit the following attachments to Cliff Robinson:

  1. Phase I Application (click to download MS Word document)
  2. Resume

Once your application and resume are received, the Selection Team will review the materials and will respond by March 1st, 2019, and extend invitations to select applicants for Phase II of the Application Process.

We appreciate your time and effort in this application process, and we will strive to maintain timely responses to your submissions.