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We are a family with a task. We are called apart from the world for holiness, worship, community and discipleship, and we are called into the world for the mission of God, to live and speak the gospel of Jesus Christ. As men, women and children who love our Lord Jesus, who openly profess our faith in Him and who have demonstrated our faith by being baptized, we covenant together to believe and practice the following, not by self-effort, but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus came into the world to seek and save spiritually lost people. Therefore, we will live as ambassadors of Jesus, praying for the salvation of non-Christians, personally sharing our faith and joining other Christians to do all we can to bring the transforming gospel to all who still need to know Jesus. God also commanded us to love our neighbor as ourselves. So as we seek to care for the spiritual needs of those around us, we also care for their physical needs, seek their best and ask God how we can help others.

The gospel creates deep and genuine unity among Christians. Therefore, we will seek to live in unity with one another. We will love and pray for each other; we will forgive one another as Christ forgave us, we will resolve our conflicts quickly and directly with the person we need to speak with. When sinning, sinned against or hearing of sin, we will take the initiative to resolve the matter biblically (Matthew 18:15-22). We will not gossip or listen to gossip. We will not speak poorly of others. We will build one another up, encourage one another, seek the best for one another and we will exhort one another in love even when that’s hard and unnatural to do. Grace and truth will mark our communication.

God has set us on a path of spiritual growth. Therefore, we will seek to grow closer to God and closer to one another, knowing we are loved as we are but also called to grow to be more like Christ. We will support one another’s growth with love and grace. The church is a place for healing and growth, not for hiding our weakness and sin.

The Bible is one of our greatest treasures. We embrace it as our food, our light, our mirror. We will seek to grow in knowledge and obedience to God’s revelation. We will make it the focus and source of our public teaching and our private, daily reading. We believe it is an unchanging source of authority over us and we will obey it.

God has placed elders over our church as loving, servant-leaders. We will respect, submit to, and pray for them as they lead, teach and equip. We know their authority is derived from God. We also know they are to lead in protecting the doctrinal purity, moral purity and unity of the church.

Spiritual growth and discipleship begins at home. Therefore, we who are parents will disciple our children, seeking to lead to them to faith, godliness and maturity in Christ. We will regularly teach our children the ways and the Word of God. We who are children will obey our parents.

We know that we are all responsible for the health of the church. Therefore we will serve cheerfully, give generously, pray earnestly and be trained for fruitful ministry. We will faithfully attend meetings for worship, growth and equipping. We will praise God corporately as an act of worship, not self-fulfillment. We will measure the success of this church by transformed lives and relationships, not by numbers, buildings or other superficial indicators.

If God directs us to leave this church, we will unite with another church as soon as possible, to live out the spirit of this covenant and the teaching of the Word of God.

All of this we will seek to do in the power of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God alone.