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College Students

Godspeed loves college students. And our college ministry staff. 

Jarrod and Susie Lynn are members and leaders at Godspeed, and they direct the Cru/AIA ministry at Brown and surrounding area campuses. Tim Zulker served for twenty years in campus ministry, at the Princeton Christian Fellowship, and with Cru at Brown.

So, with years of campus ministry experience at Godspeed, we understand the unique needs and the special blessings of university students. 

If you need a ride to Godspeed, we will be glad to pick you up. If you would like to meet with an elder, or with a counselor, we are available. Our families love to give you a place to hang out, and if you don’t have to rush back to campus on Sunday, you can catch a meal with some new church friends or a family.

We also welcome you involvement in church life. If you are a musician, we would be glad to use your talents on our worship team. Or you can help with Kid’s Space, nursery, or Sunday School. College students have been involved in many ways over the years.

Godspeed offers a special Student Membership. It’s tailored to your college experience, and recognizes that you may have a primary home church elsewhere. 

If you have questions about how college life, campus ministry and Godspeed work together, we’d love to talk with you.