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New Godspeed Youth Group Leaders

As you may know, Godspeed has been pleased to announce that Joel and Catherine Foos will be taking on leadership of the youth group this fall!

But before we dive into that, let's back up a bit. How did Joel and Catherine become a part of Godspeed in the first place?

The short answer is, they found it online. The longer answer starts in Virginia Beach.

Joel and Catherine moved from Virginia Beach in August 2014, about two months before their son Vincent was born. They sought a church that had a nourishing community and where they could establish themselves among other families in Christ. It was important that they not only find a church in which they would grow, but that would also grow Vincent.

"We wanted a church that was healthy local and abroad," Catherine said. After investigating several churches, they found Godspeed, which seemed to fit the bill.

Godspeed provided the environment and community they had been seeking, and just as they had hoped and prayed for, Catherine and Joel have found themselves constantly growing through nurturing relationships and spiritual opportunities.

"Godspeed invested in me so that I can better invest in other people," said Catherine. Joel added, "It's allowed us to get involved in things outside of church, and be active."

One of those active challenges has been accepting the responsibility of becoming leaders of Godspeed's youth group this coming September.

While they couldn't reveal any of the specifics of what will be happening this fall, when asked about it, Joel simply had to say, "I'm excited."

Catherine had been praying for God to use her in Godspeed, and when she was approached about leading youth group, she immediately said yes, which, she knew, was something she would not have done before.

"I had not been involved with youth in the past, I'm not naturally gifted," she explained. It proves that God likes to use us where we lack confidence, where we are weak and where we may not expect, and find strength in Him there.

Through serving youth so far, Catherine says she has grown tremendously in herself and has learned more about what it means to serve. It felt like God had called her, and Joel has been immensely supportive.

Not only that, but Joel has been involved in youth ministry in the past, and it has provided a convenient transition for them to serve together for the youth group this year.

Their hopes? "That God allows us to reflect Him in the best way we can," Catherine said. "That people will see God and Jesus through what we're doing, and that we can help change hearts for His will."

When asked if he had anything more to add, Joel said again, "I'm excited." So while we can't reveal the details of what is coming this fall just yet, the kids can rest assured that it will involve a lot of excitement and a very enthusiastic Joel! And, of course, Catherine.

There is excitement in the opportunities, the fun, and the challenges that God will provide, for both Joel and Catherine and for those they are obeying God by serving this year. Youth group starts up again on Wednesday, September 7.