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Where is God?

Where is God? The book of Esther never mentions his name. It's the only book of the Bible where that's true. Yet behind every event is God's providential hand. He is working out his plan with power and certainty.

Where is God in your life? Where did he go when you face suffering, hardship and doubts? Is he still there? Does he still love me? Is he still interested in justice?

This book is very relevant! We'll see God's answers to these questions in this ancient story. The plot is gripping and the characters are vivid: an egotistical ruler, his vengeful and obsessed second man, a morally compromised heroine, and a helpless race of Jews on the brink of annihilation. And all of it points to Christ the Savior.

We need this book as we grow in Christ, living in a world that tempts us to believe that God is invisible.

Join us at Godspeed for a short, sermon series on this wonderful little book!