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What is The Philip Center (Part II)

Q: Don't all these strategies and goals make it hard to do any one thing well?

Maybe. But we know we're a small Philip Center staff, and also a relatively small church. So we look to partnerships with other ministries. For example, we have an active working relationship with Matthias Media, from Sydney, Australia. They provide a platform for our message (which overlaps very well with their mission and message), by getting our writing and ideas "out there." They have a very large audience. And they supply to us good evangelism resources.

We have a new partnership with 20Schemes in Scotland. We are doing what we can to support their church planting effort (that helps us be more realistically effective in church planting) and they are teaching us more about church planting among the urban poor. And we're very interested in that because of Summer OFF.

We have also started a local branch of The Gospel Coalition -- a small group of pastors who are like minded theologically and strategically, who together have strength in outreach and church planting.

We really believe in partnerships. We find that a small ministry with a big vision can accomplish much more in humble partnership with other ministries and leaders.

Q: Does The Philip Center have a doctrinal statement? Will you work with any church that asks?

 We do have a doctrinal statement. You can read it on our web site. There's an interesting correlation between a church's theological commitments and it's fruitfulness in evangelism. Thom Rainer, in his book, Surprising Insights from the Unchurched, shows a strong correlation between evangelical theology and evangelistic fruitfulness. He says, "I have yet to discover a church that consistently reaches the unchurched over a several-year period this is not conservative in its theology.” (p 225)

Q: Do you have directors? A physical building? And how is The Philip Center funded?

We do have directors. In fact it's a great group of people who bring a lot of wisdom to what we are trying to do. They are Eddy Capobianco (the one overlap with Godspeed), Bauer Evans, pastor of Crossway Church in Franklin, MA, Geoff Freeman, a regional director with Cru in Boston, and Dave Mahan, the founder and director of The Rivendell Institute at Yale University in New Haven, CT.

No, we do not have a building. We find that our work is mostly out with others where they are. It's not very effective or wise to try to maintain and pay for a building and then try to get people to come to us. We want to be out doing the work where people are.

The Philip Center is a 501(c)(3) organization that seeks funding to support our staff, our resources and our events. The Zulker's and the Fulton's are both funded part-time by The Philip Center and part-time by Godspeed.