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Engaging With The Psalms

"The Psalms are raw. They express unveiled emotions like no other book of the Bible. Yet they are not written for the author’s therapy, or for our entertainment. They are written to shape and guide the life of the heart. They are one of God’s ways of shepherding our emotions and our character.

In this short sermon series we will take a mere dip into this gem of a book. Only six sermons - one each on chapter: 1, 37, 15, 22, 127 and then Proverbs 1.

How can you best engage with the Psalms? By reading along with our schedule. Nick DeLuca has organized a very reasonable outline so you can read these chapters in 7 weeks (see Nick’s Psalms Reading Schedule).

Pray as you read. Ask God to show you something to be thankful for.

Come to Home Groups ready to discuss these chapters. Listen for insights you missed. Listen for questions you had also. Listen for needs or hurts that surface from the hearts of friends who could use your encouragement or prayer.

And finally, come on Sunday mornings to hear the Word preached from these chapters, ready to apply God’s truth to your own life.

The Psalms. They remind us that though life is hard, God is very, very good.”