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Pushed Out and Pulled Forward

This past Sunday, during our prayer time, Steve Abbott helped us visualize one of the key reasons we need to move into a building soon. He had all of us stand around the edge of the room. From there we could see our chairs — chairs that used to be empty, but now we’ve filled. Because God has filled them with you and me, there’s no more space for new friends of yours! Therefore, we need to make room, and keep reaching out! And that’s just the first reason we need to move into a building soon.

Here are 10 more reasons we need to ask God for a “house” for our church family. These reasons are both positive (we want to do more), and negative (we struggle in our current location). Therefore they represent a “push” from behind, and also a “pull” from ahead.

Young families need a child-friendly space: a place to nurse babies, a clean, we-equipped nursery, easy parking, a safe environment. We care about YOU who have young children. And we care about the friends you want to bring. Our current situation is not friendly to families with young children.

You who faithfully teach Sunday School need a better place where you can set up teaching-friendly classes. Currently you have to carry in and carry out all your supplies. You have to be sure not to leave any Christian material. The pre-school room is hot. The elementary room is cold except in the summer. You’ve been making the best of it, but it takes a toll on teachers and kids. It’s not conducive to long-term discipleship.

The Krauses home has been a friendly place for the Youth Group. But you guys in the Youth Group can’t expand much beyond your current size there. Many of you have friends that you could bring if we had more space.

New disciples are to be baptized. We need a church home where we can baptize you if haven’t been yet — and your friends when they come to faith. And we also need to be able to marry, conduct funerals, hold conferences and seminars — all of them are significant means of growth for Christians.

The worship team needs a place where you can set up your sound equipment and leave it up. It’s very difficult for you guys to start from scratch each week and have the sound come out right.

It’s not the best stewardship of your money to pay $30,000/year for the four hours we have the Martin School each week. We believe your generous giving can be better used with a space we have all week long. Just think…you might not have to leave church on Sunday by the “deadline” to be out of the building!

Summer OFF supplies take up a great deal of room. Currently all this is stored in different locations among many of your homes. In addition, if we had a church building, we could accommodate more teams, having them sleep at the church building while they serve in Providence for a week.

A building would allow us to incubate more church plants. Often a new church will look to hold services in an existing church building on Sunday afternoons or evenings. Many of you are eager to plant new churches. This is one way we can do that. What’s more, as we grow, we can accommodate enough people to stay strong while we also send out a new church plant team.

Currently the church has no office space. In order to have a healthy trellis from which to grow and multiply, we need offices. These could also serve as workspace for other ministries like The Philip Center, Cru, Rhode Trip and more.

Finally, if possible, it would be great to have space that would include a gymnasium for BCA to use for their sports activities, for outreach and for our own kids. You BCA friends are in need of expanded athletic facilities, and a partnership with BCA that way would be good for both of us.

God has already given us a mission to accomplish, and we are devoted to that mission! He’s given us the thumbs up to move forward in expanding — that’s evident in the joyful expansion reports Luke gives all through the book of Acts.

Now, it’s up to us to faithfully advance. To prayerfully, wisely, assertively do all we can to advance the gospel in our place and our time. Our time is short. The needs are huge. And God has promised that he will be with us as we carry out his mission in the power of the Holy Spirit (Matt. 28:18-20).

A building is key piece to help us keep advancing. We need to set up the next 150 chairs for your friends and family, your roommates and co-workers who have yet to meet Jesus. We need to pray earnestly, give generously, and move assertively forward in the mission. And we are so thankful to the Core Four building team, as they’ve been working faithfully to this goal: Todd Blount, Gail Carley, LeWayne Fisher and Al Summerly. Thank you!

Churches are planted to grow, and they grow to plant. Let’s keep growing! Let’s keep multiplying!

For the gospel and the glory of God alone,