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Laying a Foundation of Prayer

13-09-29 Sermon Tim (E)

A blast from the past and a reminder of God's answers to prayer: This post was originally published in the fall of 2014. On September 6, 2015, West End Community Church opened its doors, and a few weeks ago they dedicated a new ministry house, The Daniel House. Thank you for your prayers for this new church. Let's keep praying for WECC, and pray for many more churches like it to be planted in the years to come! 

New houses start with a strong foundation. New churches need strong foundations too — in the form of prayer. We’re involved in the early stages of helping to plant a new church in Providence, RI. It’s an extension of Summer OFF — an inner-city outreach of the Philip Center. We’re thankful for five partners joining together for this church plant: Iglesia de la Communidad, North American Mission Board, Godspeed Fellowship Church, Faith and Hope Baptist Church and the Philip Center.

The first step in the process of this gospel-centered church is prayer. We’re seeking 1,000 partners who will pray regularly for this new church plant (you define what “regular” is).

Here are the first three things you would be praying for:

TEAM: Please pray for the core team that will lead the whole process. Pray that God would put together Spirit-filled, Bible-saturated, gospel-centered men and women. We’re already in process with this. Target date: April 1.

PASTOR: Please pray for God’s choice of the right man to be the pastor of this church. This is a diverse neighborhood and will require a man who loves these people and who loves the gospel.

CITY: Many doors to the city are open wide for ministry. Pray for continued good relationships with the neighborhood and with local leaders. We’ve been in this area for six summers now, and are thankful for healthy relationships.

Would you join us as a prayer partner from now until the launch (hopefully in 2016)? You may decide how often you pray. We only ask that you pray regularly. We’d be thrilled to have you help us plant this church!

Thank you.