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News from the VanWingerdens

Thanks to all who prayed with us following the recent dorm fire. We are grateful for the rapid and generous response of several partner churches in Grenoble who assisted us in purchasing gift certificates to a nearby shopping center (similar to a Walmart) for all the fire victims who attended our dinner last week Thursday. Many of the guests stayed to participate in our "English Thursdays" event following the dinner, and several came back for our food distribution this past Thursday afternoon.

One of the students, Jean-Benoit, attended our Bible Study on Wednesday night. He asked loads of questions and seems to have been impacted by the message from Isaiah 42. Lord willing, he will soon begin meeting weekly with a member of our student leadership team to read the Gospel of Mark.

Two other students, Brahim and Nawal (both from Morocco), have made good connections with members of our core student group. And one of our medical students has begun reading the Gospel of Luke with a Muslim classmate named Wassima.

We are encouraged to see the fruit that God's Word and the Gospel are producing in the lives of our students, and in particular in a growing zeal for sharing their faith in Christ with friends, classmates and family members. And we appreciate your prayers for these precious students that are hearing the Gospel for the first time, that the Spirit of God would sow the seed of faith that yields the harvest of new life in Christ.

Nick and Annie