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Transitions are Tough

Transitions are tough. Anyone who’s ever moved, changed jobs, gotten married, or done anything else that alters your life knows this to be a fact.

Transitions are tough.

I’ve experienced many transitions throughout my life. Coming back after living at Tenwek for two years has been a pretty hard adjustment. Moving there had been tough also, but it was a different kind of adjustment. Then, I was going to a country I didn’t know that would become my new home. Now, I’m coming home to a country I thought I knew, but it is only a temporary home.My transition back has been full of questions. I have questions of my own, and I am asked a LOT of questions. I get them from old friends, from family, from people that I’ve never met, from everywhere. Some of the questions are fun to answer, while others are much harder.

I found a blog a while back that is written for missionaries by missionaries. It has some amazing posts that my parents and I can definitely relate to. One of these was a post about the top 10 questions missionary kids would love to be asked. I answered five of them earlier for a talk with families from our church, but I thought I would turn those into a blog.  For those of you who would like to learn more, please click here.