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A Quest for More: Women's Bible Study

"We all have a desire to be part of something bigger. Like the beauty queen who, when asked what she wants to do with her year of reign, says she wants to solve world hunger.... There's a basic human desire to be part of something bigger. We're hardwired for glory. The danger is, Satan is selling something that is way, way less as if it's way, way more. And I think that go...

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The Noisy Universe, the Noisy Church

In January we began a new sermon series, studying Genesis 1 - 12. The glory of God in creation is taking center stage as we see the grand act of God's mighty, creative work. We'll also see the depth of human sin and the need for the gospel right up front in this book of foundations. ...

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Worship, Serve and Grow.

When a new member joins Godspeed, we talk about the importance of committing to all three arenas of church ministry: worshipping God, growing in grace, and serving Christ in him mission. We need to continue to renew our commitment to these ministries, so that we don't become eccentric in our church involvement. Tim Keller, in his new book, affirms these three "ministry f...

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