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Dinner.Bible.Friends - Fall Edition

The first three Wednesdays of each month our Godspeed family gets together for dinner and small group Bible studies. We call it A-Two-42: "And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." We do it because...well, we like being together. There's something good about eating a meal together -- or "table fel...

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Dinner. Bible. Friends.

Being a disciple of Jesus shapes every area of life. Living a gospel-centered life, defines our marriages and our parenting. It shapes our concept of the teen years. It answers questions like "What am I going for in life?" "What am I aiming for as a parent?" "What is a Christian husband, or wife?" "How does being a disciple of Jesus make my life as a teen different?" This...

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One-to-One Bible Reading

Imagine if there was a way that people could grow in their knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christa way that returned gospel growth to the everyday fabric of personal relationship, rather than relying on church-run programs. That guided people in a deeper, more meaningful way than an event, program or class could possibly doguided on an individual basis by someone who cared for...

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A Quest for More: Women's Bible Study

"We all have a desire to be part of something bigger. Like the beauty queen who, when asked what she wants to do with her year of reign, says she wants to solve world hunger.... There's a basic human desire to be part of something bigger. We're hardwired for glory. The danger is, Satan is selling something that is way, way less as if it's way, way more. And I think that go...

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