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Archives for May 2020

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Can we just keep doing virtual church? (Part 1)

Cropped Movile Phone

At Godspeed, we've now held weekly "worship services" online for nearly two months. Right now, it looks like we'll continue "meeting" online for the immediate future. By and large, I don't think these digital "worship services" whether recorded, or livestreamed, or on Zoomhave enticed most people to give up on physical church gatherings. If anything, I think it's made us...

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Can we just keep doing virtual church? (Part 2)


In "Part 1" of my answer, I explored what it means for a church to be a church. A "physical gathering" isn't incidental to being church, it's part of its essence. The second reason we should resist permanently doing "virtual church" is that it inherently promotes a design for the Christian life that undermines God's vision for the church. Consumer Christianity Undermines ...

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