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Can we just keep doing virtual church? (Part 1)

Cropped Movile Phone

At Godspeed, we've now held weekly "worship services" online for nearly two months. Right now, it looks like we'll continue "meeting" online for the immediate future. By and large, I don't think these digital "worship services" whether recorded, or livestreamed, or on Zoomhave enticed most people to give up on physical church gatherings. If anything, I think it's made us...

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Can we just keep doing virtual church? (Part 2)


In "Part 1" of my answer, I explored what it means for a church to be a church. A "physical gathering" isn't incidental to being church, it's part of its essence. The second reason we should resist permanently doing "virtual church" is that it inherently promotes a design for the Christian life that undermines God's vision for the church. Consumer Christianity Undermines ...

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How Not to Waste Our Isolation


We aren’t designed for isolation. God created his image–bearers as social creatures. God created us for fellowship, or you might say “communion.” ...

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Our (New) Life Together During COVID-19

COVID-19 Bkgrd Graphic

Godspeed Church is making a few changes to our life together in the coming weeks in light of COVID-19. Our response is motivated not out of fear but out of love....

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Making Sense of a Pandemic


Our daily life has changed dramatically over the last week. And this increasingly looks like an extended crisis. Let’s pause for a moment and pray for healing...

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Laying a Foundation of Prayer

13-09-29 Sermon Tim (E)

New houses start with a strong foundation. New churches need strong foundations too. (A blast from the past and a reminder of God's answers to prayer!)...

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Hope in a Hurricane

Hello dear friends, I've been in touch with many of you through Facebook, but wanted to send out a quick note to say that our dear friends on the island of St. Croix are heavy on our hearts today. Even as I type, hurricane Maria is passing over this island that was recently spared the worst of hurricane Irma, and that has been heavily invested in relief efforts in neighbo...

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Transitions are Tough

Transitions are tough. Anyone who's ever moved, changed jobs, gotten married, or done anything else that alters your life knows this to be a fact. Transitions are tough. I've experienced many transitions throughout my life. Coming back after living at Tenwek for two years has been a pretty hard adjustment. Moving there had been tough also, but it was a different kind of ...

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Where is God?

Where is God? The book of Esther never mentions his name. It's the only book of the Bible where that's true. Yet behind every event is God's providential hand. He is working out his plan with power and certainty. Where is God in your life? Where did he go when you face suffering, hardship and doubts? Is he still there? Does he still love me? Is he still interested in just...

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News from the VanWingerdens

Thanks to all who prayed with us following the recent dorm fire. We are grateful for the rapid and generous response of several partner churches in Grenoble who assisted us in purchasing gift certificates to a nearby shopping center (similar to a Walmart) for all the fire victims who attended our dinner last week Thursday. Many of the guests stayed to participate in our "E...

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